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Peerless Pump, Inc.
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Indianapolis, IN 46202

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Service Your Pump - Quick Response Center (QRC):

Peerless Pump is committed to providing quality service and on-site repairs for most pumps, regardless of the manufacturer. Our service centers combine skilled personnel, computerization and the latest testing procedures to provide a practical, quality alternative to costly equipment replacement. Our factory trained professionals can evaluate your situation and recommend the most economical way to restore your equipment to factory specifications.

Peerless Pump's service centers can also repair or upgrade pumps from other manufacturers. We offer the same careful attention to detail regardless of who manufactured your pump. Our factory owned service centers are located in key areas throughout the U.S. Our QRC's are designed for a fast, effective response to your pumping needs. Once our work is complete, you can expect the same head, capacity and efficiency, from your pump, for which it was originally designed.

Our warranty assures you that attention to detail goes into every pump, part, repair or rebuild. For more information, contact your Peerless Pump distributor, factory representative or Peerless Quick Response Center for details.

California, Fresno (559) 233-1241
Indiana, Indianapolis (317) 925-9661
Texas, Houston (713) 466-0033
Texas, Lubbock (806) 747-0002

All other inquiries, call 800-879-0182

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